CCSD TV - VBrick

Colleton School District uses the VBrick system for supplying videos to staff and students.

To access our TV-Video system simply click on the following link and type in ccsd (all lower case) when prompted for both User Name and Password.

You can ONLY access our video system from within the school district's WAN. Public access over the Internet is denied.

Click HERE for Portal and
Video on Demand
Use teacher;teacher as the User Name and Password

To find out what is playing on ETV channels you must log into ETVOnePlaceSC

Quick Links Below
When you click on the following links your computer will ask you whether to open or save. Choose Open. Then when asked what program to use click on the bullet to choose from selected programs and then choose Windows Media Player. You can right click inside the Windows Media Player while a video is playing to change options.

Science Channel

Animal Planet

The Learning Channel

Cougar TV

ETV:1 - SC Channel

ETV:2 -ETV World


ETV:4 - K-12 IMC







If the video does not play you may have to "Allow a program through Windows Firewall". Just type in Allow in your search window and "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" program will display. Click on it and then click on the "Change settings" button. Scroll down to Windows Media player programs and select them all. Then click OK.