Attendance Zones
 Colleton County School District Attendance Zones

All students in grades PK - 5 attend schools based upon their 911 issued residence address. 

All students in grades 6 - 8 attend Colleton County Middle School.

All students in grades 9 - 12 attend Colleton County High School.

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Early Childhood Center Attendance Zones
Approved by School Board on January 20, 2009  
Click HERE to view the Early Childhood Attendance Zones.


Elementary School Attendance Zones 
Approved by the school board on March 22, 2011 

Click HERE for the county view of the Elementary School  attendance zones.
Click HERE for the city view of the Elementary School  attendance zones.
Bells Elementary School Map
Cottageville Elementary School Map 
Forest Hills Elementary School Map
Hendersonville Elementary School Map

Northside Elementary School Map

If you can not find your street using the above search engine, please contact  
Beth Frank, Director of Technology, Colleton County Schools  
Phone: 843-782-4520

For ALL OTHER QUESTIONS concerning attendance zones, please contact  
Cordelia Jenkis, Director of Student Services, Colleton County Schools  
Phone: 843-782-4510  
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